Twice and a Blue Moon

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Week in Review

Friday’s Week in Review – Ouch Edition!

Saturday While the boys and I hit up a baby shower for a friend who will be welcoming a new daughter soon, the hubs got busy building us a new section to our patio. Somehow I'm thinking I got the... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Week in Review

Saturday Despite the fact that we already have an assortment of pumpkins it was time for our annual family trip to get our "official" Halloween pumpkins.  I mean, there is no such as thing as TOO many pumpkins, right? We... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Week in Review

Saturday While the mister played single dad here at home, I enjoyed my mini vacation remembering what it was like to be a girl traveling through life without a purse full of fruit snacks and diapers. I imagine I looked... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Week in Review

Saturday This weekend was all about chairs. Adirondack chairs to be precise. Add in some pizza, beer, Pandora and impulse buying spray paint and you have our entire Saturday in a Nutshell. Sunday More of the same and 2 terribly behaved... Continue Reading →

Friday’s Week in Review

  Sunday There was a time when people tried to keep up with the "Joneses" - But in 2016, the real game is doing a non failing Pinterest Project and then sharing it on all your social media accounts.  Check-mate... Continue Reading →

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