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Family Letters

On Brothers: Why they aren’t my “only”

Oh, Facebook.  Your "on this day" feature has become one of my favorite things. Today it reminded me that at this time 3 years ago we were announcing that our newest and last addition to our family would be another... Continue Reading →

2192 days and counting

Six years ago a younger, less gray haired version of myself was getting ready to walk down this aisle.   It was hot. I was ready. I was excited. I was relieved. I wore white. You wore a suit. We... Continue Reading →

To my Oldest on his birthday

Today he woke up 4. Son, you have spent the last 4 years making sure everyone around you knows that you are a force to be reckoned with. Big voice. Big personally. Big emotions. You hit the ground running every... Continue Reading →

Happy 2nd Birthday to my youngest

Two years ago, right at this moment, I was in a birthing suite at the local Community Hospital. I was the mother of a toddler waiting anxiously to meet a yet to be named baby boy. I hadn't held you in my... Continue Reading →

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