I need to take a moment to give it up to my foremothers – all the ladies that had to do all of their shopping in actual, real, physical stores.  As I sit in the comfort of my home, drinking my coffee, perusing the Cyber Monday deals while my two-year old naps, I  can’t help but stop and recognize how convenient internet shopping is for the parent of young children. Not to mention the pure ease of doorstep deliveries and the genius that is Amazon Prime in general.  No crowds. No tantrums. No problem!

That’s not to say that I haven’t had my fair share of shopping disasters.  I’ve yet to switch over to internet shopping for my grocery needs (although I’m eyeing Amazon Fresh like nobody’s business!) Always a glutton for punishment and a recovering social butterfly, I also still find myself venturing out to the malls every so often as an excuse to get out in the world or because I find myself needing a last minute something a-rather. YImage result for pac manesterday we found ourselves in a rather unusual predicament for Southern California (read this as it was raining cats and dogs) and with 2 small kids packed full of energy we did what we tend to do when the weather turns on us and our kids need a change of scenery and we headed to the mall. For those of you not living in toddlerworld or who are lucky enough to have children who LIKE sitting in a stroller, that might seem like a nice relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon. For us, in crowded Southern California, in a tourist filled outlet mall on one of the biggest sale weekends of the year with a toddler who only wants to be freeeeeeeeeeee!! – it felt more like a game of pac man except in my real life version my little 2 year old pac-dot could walk through walls (read this as duck through clothing racks).  Cue the moment on every shopping trip where I ask myself if it was worth it – this time that moment was when my darling son ran Jurassic Park T-Rex style through The Children’s Place swiping his short little toddler arms with impressive accuracy to knock over every stack of shirts at his eye level. (Also, to answer the original question – NO. It’s really never worth it.)

“Let’s all point at the crazy mom of that out of control toddler” anecdotes aside, I have become more and more reliant on the wwwdot world for many areas of my shopping life. I use Amazon Prime like I own stock in it for most every day items. I have relieved myself of the stresses of clothes shopping for myself and enrolled in Stitch Fix, which sends me 5 new wardrobes pieces whenever my little heart desires which has drastically cut back on my, “I have NOTHING to wear” mope sessions . I’ve got my husband nicely trained directed towards Etsy for unique gift options. Over the last few years I have also discovered the insane array of shopping options that are available and advertised heavily via Instagram, namely children’s clothing.  As a #boymom, I often feel pressured to lament the fact that I don’t have a little girl to dress up in frills and bows.  While I agree that in general the clothing trends these days for little girls tend to be more eye catching and and accessible, lately it feels like the boy fashion world is on point. My personal addiction: Fun Tees. And if you made it this far, your prize lies below. Here are a few of my favorite stores (Quick stop inside my mind: I am typing this to the tune of Sound of Music’s, These are a few of my Favorite Things.)

INDIE BIRD which can be followed on IG HERE.  Hint Hint: If you scroll down their IG you might spy a couple familiar faces.  This shop won me over initially with their fun holidays tees.  Like 80% of America, I can say that any reference to Journey makes you a friend of mine. Full stop.  These tees had people smiling at my boys all day. While most people know that the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear, you may just be realizing that Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ was the song being referenced. 20161128_155008.jpg

Saturday Morning Pancakes which can be found on IG HERE.  This store has the best 90’s references mixed in with childhood themes. They earned my allegiance the moment I spied their Regulators Tee. I don’t think they have made a shirt that I wouldn’t love to see my kids in. I have to believe that somewhere even Warren G is smiling about this tee.


Moots Clothing which can be found on IG HERE.  I just received my first order from Moots and I’m chomping at the wand to get these on my children! While they have a wide selection of fun tees with a good mix of edge and sarcasm (my favorite!) this shop really caught my eye because deep down inside this hip exterior (please hide your snickering y’all – I’m hip…..ish) is a big bad Harry Potter nerd. And this big bad Harry Potter nerd has a big bad trip planned to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter coming up. And oh for the love of all things muggle I cannot wait to dress my dolls  sons up in their perfectly themed holiday garb. wp-1480377811625.jpg


This past weekend I found myself the happy go “no shit!?” winner of credits to 19 different IG shops – of which 18 I have never purchased from and I may or may not (depends on if you are my husband looking at our credit card bill right now or just a friendly reader) have made purchases using some of those credits (and a wee bit more) from many of those shops over the last few days. I am excitedly hoping to expand on my list of fave new shops as the packages roll in. And if absence makes the heart grow founder, waiting for packages of clothes you have already paid for does an equal emotional manipulation. Boy fashion may be a little harder to locate but it’s out there… and it’s adorable.  Bonus points that you can find a whole plethora of unique and fun clothes that are sure to bring smiles to people’s faces and double bonus that you get to put a point in the ol’ it’s cool to shop small column. Happy shopping and if you have a favorite shop of your own drop a comment!