I have been slacking a bit lately and not only did I miss last week’s Friday in Review – I’m not finishing up this week’s Friday in Review until Saturday. But in my defense, life has been a little hectic around these parts and I’ve always sucked at deadlines anyways. #Truthbomb  But with no further ado, our week in review!



We woke up last Saturday morning in rainy San Francisco and by the end of the day we were putting our kids to bed back in our own home here in Sunny Southern California. I have to give my little two monsters some serious credit. For all of the ways that they drive me crazy, they are both pretty exceptional little travelers.  We did make stops every couple of hours to give them a chance to get their wiggles out but our boys deserve a little finger snap golf clap action for making the traveling portion of trip go so smoothly.



Recovery day from a week-long trip meant lots of lazy family room time interrupted only by laundry laundry laundry.  I also made a quick trip down to the doggy hotel to pick up our 2 four leggers and reunited them with the family.  My little Puppy Lover couldn’t get enough hugs and kisses from his big doggy sister who also was rocking some amazing ear bows thanks to her kennel. She on the other hand, had quite enough hugs and I’m pretty sure she had her hairbows off and hidden far far under the couch within 30 minutes of being home.



Sent big brother back to preschool this morning where he proudly showed off his stitch free boo boo to all his teachers and then treated myself to a touch up of my holiday inspired hair. This time we used a little more red and a little less pink but I’m still loving my own take on mom hair and plan to keep the vibrant hair a constant in my life for at least a little while longer.




After missing the first two weeks of a six-week Sport Ball class I had signed Mr. Terrible up for we finally made it to a class followed directly by Big Brother’s Friendship Feast at school where we learned that both our boys think Pumpkin Pie is the bee’s knees. Who knew? (Clearly not their parents. Whoops!) All in all, today was our full on back to regular life day – just in time for the holidays to swoop in and derail us again.



Picked Big Brother up a little early from preschool today so we could fulfill our yearly day before Thanksgiving tradition to jaunt to our local Apple Country for a fresh-baked Apple Pie. Double win, it’s high enough elevation that we get to pretend we live in a place that sees seasons! Every year I make sure to take advantage of this trip to get a shot of me and my boys. This years photo couldn’t represent my life any better – Mr. Serious Big Brother and my upside down Terrible 2 Year Old.  I know from this angle it looks like he’s screaming but I promise you that Mr. Terrible was laughing up a storm.



Thanksgiving day – As has been our tradition for the last few years, we were playing host to some of my family. While I normally have a full-fledged cleaning panic attack hit the morning of any hosting event, this year I decided to let my floors be dirty in exchange for some nice cuddle time with my boys watching the parade and low stress levels for dear ol’ me. I even impressed myself by making one of those oh so pinterest worthy Turkey shaped veggie platters. Since I wasn’t stressing about a perfect clean floor I actually had the time. And while the turket was IG worthy, my favorite new recipe win was this AMAZING jalapeno cranberry dip. So addicting and it gets an A+ for also being bright and festive.



Ah – the day after Thanksgiving – AKA, national food coma recovery day. I am much more of a Cyber Monday girl than a Black Friday fighter so my boys let me sleep in today which was my most thankful moment of the week.  That is until I found out I was the lucky winner winner chicken dinner of an IG contest for shop credit at 19 different storefronts. While the hubs teased me about my “Major Award”  I was already planning all of the amazing new duds I was going to get my little monsters. Who says boys aren’t fun to dress??


With Thanksgiving week behind us this family is speeding straight into Christmas cheer. The pumpkins are in the trash and the Christmas Lights are up! Hope Everyone out there had a happy week too!