While the boys and I hit up a baby shower for a friend who will be welcoming a new daughter soon, the hubs got busy building us a new section to our patio.


Somehow I’m thinking I got the easy end of this deal?  This section of patio was used by the previous owner as a rock garden with a fountain. We have spent the last 5 years walking all the way around the dirt. It’s essentially been a wasteland in the middle of our backyard. Needless to say we are all excited to reclaim this space.


First we enjoyed our extra hour of sleep thanks to the time change – oh wait – no. That was only for all the people WITHOUT small children who actually look forward to extra time in their beds. Up early. Lots of Coffee. Yadda, yadda, yadda – more pavers and laying and sawing, oh my. I kept the kiddos occupied inside while Hubs went against the clock to finish all his cuts before the saw he rented was due back at Home Depot. Tricks on us though as we learned that Home Depot does NOT factor times changes into their tool rental returns.  So we were an hour late and few bucks short after all. But hell, who cares. look at that Patio!

Coming Soon: Gas Fire Pit!


Monday we had the joy of experiencing Big Brother’s very first stitches better detailed here.  When you get a call from your child’s school at 930 AM you know it’s probably not good.  When you hear a little panic in the teacher’s voice you know you better get your butt to that school as quickly as possible. As it turns out, my child did a face first running fall into the corner of a brick. All things considered, my little monster was the bravest little 4 year old in the ER that day and as his reward he got a new Ninja Turtle toy and the start of his very own Harry Potter scar.

Anything can be handled with your brother by your side


Forget the voting and election coverage binging- the big deal in our house today was watching my child grow up before my eyes by writing his teacher a thank you letter for taking care of him after his fall at school. I swear he literally transformed from tot to school aged child in a blink of the eye.



While Big Brother went off to school to show off his newest Star Wars bandaids – Mr. Terrible and I took advantage of our Californian Forever Summer to hit up the park – where I spent about 1.5 hours praying that he wouldn’t fall off of anything or into anything or onto anything because God knows I’m still traumatized from one round of stitches!



Thursday included a morning jaunt to the Library for tot story time followed by the afternoon at the pediatrician’s office where half of Big Brother’s stitches were removed. Fortunately, the ER did a great job in placing his stitches nice and tight which should minimize scarring. Unfortunately with the residual swelling from his head injury, that means that the stitches need to be almost dug out. We are hoping with a little more time for the swelling to reduce, the rest of the stitches will be able to be removed without fanfare on Sunday.  And when you spend 2 hours in a room at the Pediatrician’s with two little monkeys in tow you get  creative in ways to try to occupy their wiggles. I present you with photography by my 4 year old. I pretty much feel like this cements the idea that children see adults just like Charlie Brown would have you believe. Wah Wah Wah Wah Waa Waaaaa.



As if this week wasn’t already a busy for Big Brother – why not add in a morning filled with puking for fun.  Today is looking like a lot of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, couch snuggles and the BRAT diet (I’ll skip the obvious joke since my poor little bug has already had a week full of bad jokes from the universe!)


Oh Friday – today you are just not on your best behavior! Hope everyone else is faring better.