Spent the day in the desert checking out pavers for the current family project.  When we didn’t find what we were looking for we saved the trip by hitting up an outlet mall and scoring matching Chuck Taylor’s for the boys.


And check out the sky action we had going on today.  I felt like we were driving into a movie set! Talk about The Truman Show meets Bruce Almighty!



More family errands in search of the perfect pavers followed by everyone’s favorite free lunch of samples at Costco (although it hardly feels free when you realize how much you managed to spend in your Costco “I didn’t know I needed that until I saw it right now in bulk” daze.)

And this is one of the many reasons I’m glad I have sons. Free labor.

When you live in a hot climate you learn that you can’t carve pumpkins too early or else by Halloween day they will already be a sad drooping mess so in the 11th hour we finally busted out the carving tools for me and the hubs and the paint, brushes and googly eyes for the boys.  It was an exciting session of “don’t touch that” “no no no” and “where did the dog go?”



The day my candy monsters had been waiting for. The morning started with a Trunk or Treat at Big Brother’s preschool. I realized the exact moment when Mr. Terrible fully grasped that people would give him candy simply for raising his candy bucket in their direction and at that point I knew he was hooked on Trick or Treating – which was good since we had two more candy dashes planned for the day.  In the afternoon we picked Big Brother up at school and drove over the the Hubs place of employment for a work sponsored Trick or Treat Bonanza (where my children scored enough candy in 30 minutes for me to fear for my lack of self control and my waistline).  And we rounded out the night at the hot spot for our city’s ghouls and goblins full of houses that go all out and streets that get shut down (a perfect scenario when you are the scared proud parent of a runner!)


I also used the holiday as an excuse to dress up my dogs. Don’t be fooled by that snarl on the dinosaur’s face. They love being included. I promise. He was just REALLY getting into character. #CrazyDogLadyStatus




One of my children and newest convert to Halloween Feen status wanted to keep the season going and wouldn’t go anywhere today without his Pumpkin flashlight in hand.


The other of my children made me flash back to my entire scholastic career when late Tuesday evening I realized that I was supposed to be providing an obscene number of pictures for a class project on the food groups and sent me running to Rite Aid for a Martha Stewart mag.  It’s not like I had a week’s warning or anything…oh wait.

Easier to find an add for Goat Milk than Cow Milk – 21st centuary dietary habits.


Today I learned yet another reason that my money is on Mr. Terrible to rule the world one day.  I realized it had become a little *too* quiet and went searching for my little minion. I found him in the bathroom WASHING his hair. He told me it was “yucky” and who needs mom’s help when you have 2 hands, a washcloth and a step stool. Oh, and hand soap.



We were waiting on an unspecified time frame for delivery of our second half of materials (Thanks Home Depot!) so me and the munchkins were chained to the house today.  They spent the day playing hide and go seek from me …


While I celebrated the fact that the forklift driver was able to fit everything in our garage!



A mix up at Mr. Terrible’s last clinic visit a few weeks back meant we had to take the trek back to his Children’s Hospital for a quick (and routine) throat culture. It also meant that I totally blanked on the fact that he was supposed to be starting Sport Ball today.  Whoops! Considering yesterday I asked the Hubs if it was Tuesday or Wednesday (and yes, the answer was C. None of the Above) I guess I am not surprised.


The rest of today has fit the theme of the week which seems to be “too much candy, home depot and times outs.”  At least I know what day it is today even if I don’t know where I’m supposed to be. Happy Friday!