A busy day around the casa.  While we have been spending a lot of time working on our own hand crafted Adirondack chairs, the ultimate goal is to have a nice space on our patio that they will be filling.  Enter a huge ass tiller and a whole lot of dirt.


While the Mister worked on moving dirt, I worked on keeping the small children away from the heavy machinery. Easier said than done as the above picture might express.  Once nap time arrived and my charges were fast asleep I was able to bang out the staining for our mini Adi’s.

And while the theme of the day was work, work, work – I also took a little time to remind this little mutt ball of how glad I am to have found her at the pound 9 years ago.  It’s hard to believe that she’s the same little starving, ear mite and parasite infested dog who was so sick the day I picked her up that they warned me there were no refunds if she died.

You look mighty fine now Ms. Jude. Happy Adoption Day! 



The day involved a lot of “get down from theres” and “for the love ofs.” From the start of the day when Mr. Terrible scaled the fridge because big brother couldn’t reach the yogurt, to later in the day when he conquered our shoe holder and made a jail break from the house, my blood pressure was about as high as Bob Dylan.


My. Nerves. Y’all.  Pray for them.

And of course – we finished the mini Adirondacks. Hooray. And celebrated it all by watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and eating cake.

Notice how they each got a fork but not a plate.  Nice try kiddos!



Thunderstorms, lightening and sunshine. Weird California weather strikes again.  Spent today trying to find motivation to do anything else besides snuggle on the couch.  Based on the state of my house right now, I’d say this is where the week went all wrong.



A little MyGym toddler class action in costume set the mood for some more holiday fun.  Although the only way I could get Mr. Terrible to wear his hat for longer than .007 seconds was by promising him a sucker. Good thing this holiday is entirely candy based.


And while Smee slept off his sugar hangover, I tackled a fun Halloween inspired project I’ve had pinned to my Fall crafts board for weeks now. 


Picture me, 2 small children and a Target trip. Are you picturing anything but extreme chaos? Because if so, you’re doing it wrong.  Like an idiot optimist, I decided to hit up Target with both of my minis in tow.  The list was semi-short. I was pumped. I was ready. I was way too overly optimistic. We weren’t in the store for more than 3 minutes before the first meltdown, 10 minutes before the first physical altercation between my two, and spent the rest of the “quick” (HA!) trip carrying a squirming 2 year old in one arm, pushing the cart with the other, and doing a bribe/threat combo that I’m sure I read about in Parenting magazine (wink wink) to keep the 4 year old from joining the list of defectors. Thankfully the Target gods were smiling on me and when I hit the incredibly long check out lines I ended up right in front of a register that was just about to open and pretty much everyone in the store agreed that I should get to check out next. #screaming2yearoldpowermove

We also managed a no tears hair cut for big brother and a quick bite to eat out which I only needed two beers at home to recover from. Win?




Trying to pack as much Halloween as possible into this last week I took my two little monsters to a local children’s Halloween event. While I enjoyed the company of some of my mom friends, Mr. Preschooler rocked out some spooky-tacular crafts and Mr. Toddler won himself the, “Most likely to make his mom have to run like it’s the Zombie Apocalypse” award.   If nothing else, having a “runner” has been good cardio conditioning.


And I do mean that literally. While the grounds were very large and had ample room to run safely, my thrill seeker made a point of running straight towards a huge drop off in the yard with a huge ol’ grin and eye sparkle. Stinker.




Earlier this week I realized that my very prized and very loved house shoes were MIA.  I searched high and low for them through every room and in every one of Mr. Terrible’s KNOWN hiding spots.  Flash forward to this morning when I realized we have more in common than I realized.  It appears that Mr. B has been hiding my house shoes AND a super secret stash of fruit snacks in the liquor cabinet.

Can I offer you a Brandy and Mott’s Fruit Snack?

With the day feeling fallish I decided to work some of the crazy energy out of the little and we went on a squirrel hunt.  At least this time I was prepared for the chase and wore my running shoes.



And after another viewing of Charlie Brown (I just can’t help myself), a nap for B and a second cup of coffee for me and my house shoes snuggling on my feet, I’m ready to kick this weekend into gear. Happy Friday!