I’ve always heard that you are supposed to dress for the job you want. This morning I wanted to clean my house so I dressed appropriately in workout pants and scrubby top. I must have missed an important step in there somewhere because my house is still a mess. BUT I did manage to pull of a simple fall themed craft so everyone avert your eyes from my messy kitchen and focus in on my seasonal perfect mantle!

Yeah yeah yeah, the example in the link below is much better. But I’m keeping it real here.

I’m always perusing Pinterest looking for simple craft ideas that I can do while I have napping kids and Netflix or Amazon Prime Video on.  Whether right or wrong, I have convinced myself that daytime TV does not count if I’m also using the time to do a project so when I came across these little yarn pumpkins I knew I had bought myself at least an episode of “Six Feet Under.”

Not only was this a simple and cute little project, I love how few things you actually need to have on hand to get this one done.




Once you have your show ready to go, wrap the yarn around your 4 fingers about 120 times give or take 2 or 3, “what number was I at?” If you lose count, I suggest just assuming you were around 50. That’s usually where I find myself drifting off and forgetting what I was doing.


Once you have a big ol’ fat wad of yarn around your fingers, take a roughly 10 inch piece of yarn perpendicularly over the strands, shove it (easier said than done but possible) between your fingers both ways towards the back of your hand. Then pull tight, tie and bring back around to the front, pull tight and tie again.


You should have a nice firmish pumpkin ball at this point (that’s what she said). Take a ~2 inch piece of green pipe cleaner and using the same 10inch piece of yarn from above, tie onto the top of your pumpkin.


Twirl that pipecleaner on up to create a little stem and wa-la! You have your own little yarn pumpkin in less than 5 minutes.  You can use the remainder of the 10 inch piece of yarn to tie twine for your own Pumpkin Garland or you can trim those pieces off and use the pumpkins by themselves as decoration for your Halloween or Thanksgiving table.  2 Holidays in 1.  Boom!

There is a crumb on the table. But I don’t want to take the picture over so I just decided to name him, Fred.  Internet, meet Fred. Fred, the internet.

File this one under, “if I can do it and still follow a plot line than anyone can!”