Despite the fact that we already have an assortment of pumpkins it was time for our annual family trip to get our “official” Halloween pumpkins.  I mean, there is no such as thing as TOO many pumpkins, right? We headed out to a local farm, took a tractor ride, pet some farm animals and picked up another half-dozen pumpkins to bring home. As it turns out the replacement pumpkins were very necessary as the destroyer has been under the impression that pumpkins are akin to bowling balls and we’ve lost a couple to rough play and high falls. RIP Gourds.  You deserved better!


I am STILL not at all tired of these “Tricky” Halloween tees and have every intention of squeezing in at least a few more wears out of them before the 31st but after ticking off our last major Halloween outting until the “big day” I also started looking forward to the next major holiday tee season and preordered Connor one of these  and got a matching set of these fun Christmas Raglans for the boys.  Sorry Tony! Instagram shops got me droping $$ like it’s hot!



Back to the woodworking grind!  Remember the amazing Adirondack chairs from a couple of weeks ago?  Well, I finally convinced the Mister that our chair collection wouldn’t be complete without two little mini me chairs for our two little mini people. So back to Home Depot we went with our helpers and shopping list.  If all goes as planned I’ll have new peanut sized Adirondack chairs to brag about share come this weekend.



B and I got a nice visit from one of my oldest and dearest friends today and her 2 sweet children which resulted in a lot of flashbacks of being a mom to a newborn and a toddler. I kept trying to pinpoint the moment where I was no longer living in that survivalist mode that comes with having multiple small children. Not long after their visit I had to wake this grumptastic toddler from his nap and got my own double meltdown of grumpy toddler (not ready to wake up) and cranky preschooler (not ready to leave his friends at school) and realized I’m still deep in the middle of it. Ahh, optimism – thinking I’m out of the trenches while I’m still knee-deep in the thick of it.

Sweet Revenge.  Normally I’m the one making this face after he wakes ME up. 

And in keeping with the upcoming Halloween season, it has become obvious over the last few weeks that Brogan is a pumpkin guy.  In fact, this little bitty squash on his side has been upgraded to cuddle buddy status. He’s been in Brogan’s bed all week. Pretty sure this earns B a few more points on the “weird kid” scale.



Cough, coughs and more coughs. Connor has been dealing with a lingering cough for about a month now. After a doctor visit today where they once again confirmed he is *not* sick but he *is* wheezing AND since this pattern has now happened 3 fall/winters in a row it seems like they are finally leaning towards treating it as asthma.


And while Connor coughed away from his asthma, Brogan worked on his congestion from our farm visit over the weekend. Restrictive Airways AND allergies.  Fun times.


I also managed a trip to Target with my toddler. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to try to run errands with a full fledged level 10 runner…well here is a glimpse into my world.



I was perusing a local Facebook site when I saw a post that our city’s family services were in desperate need of new or gently used costumes to be handed out to children in our community.  While we are big on donations, I have been looking for an opportunity to start teaching Connor the importance of paying it forward.  With that in mind and his old Buzz Lightyear and Captain America costumes in hand I’m happy to say that my little man was thrilled to be able to help some local children have a happy Halloween.  Defintely something I will keep in mind for next year as well. I’ve never given much thought to our old Halloween costumes but now I will be planning to donate them each year.


We followed up his first act of preschool philanthropy by a visit to the local hospital for a chest x-ray which he handled a boss.

No good deed goes unpunished. Great job sharing, Connor. Your reward is radiation!


Spent the morning at the park catching up with an old friend from elementary school and working on my toddler mind control tactics (Brogan – please don’t lean all the way over the side! Lean back. No. No. Leeeean.  Oh crap. I guess I need to ready to catch him!) Followed up out morning full of play with a group nap.  #winning! And I finally let Connor pull the string on this toilet paper roll mummy he made at Preschool.  He’d only been waiting, like 2 days forever. Spoiler Alert: It housed a pack of smarties and a vanilla tootsie roll.  Hardly worth the excitement if you ask me.



Remember that fun mummy from above?  Thanks to the destroyer, that mummy is now eyeless. Not only did he manage to rip the eyes off within 10 seconds of picking it up, over the last 24 hours he also managed to slam a door hard enough for a picture frame to be liberated from the wall (and meet its untimely death at the hands of the hardwood below) and permanently “unarmed” his brother’s storm trooper figurine. There is a reason we call him the “destroyer” and every day he likes to make sure we remember it.


He looks so Angelic though, right? This goes to show that you can never trust the innocent looking ones. This kid is 90% labrador puppy. Soft, cuddly and totally about to destroy eveything in your house.



I’m hoping to use the rest of today to undo some of the weekly damamge by that sweet mug above.  And on that note, happy Fri-yay, y’all!