Things have changed considerably since my childhood.  At least once a week I am struck by something that is completely different for my kids than it was for me. A few days ago I had to explain to my 4-year-old that when I was his age we had no choice but to watch commercials (I was making him “slum it” by watching Curious George on PBS instead of on Netflix.) And while I could (and may at a later date) delve into the differences, I just spent a little time reflecting on some of the similarities – the things that my kids will have memories of that are akin to my childhood memories. I took a little walk down memory lane this afternoon and voila! My fast 5 childhood similarities:

  1. First day of school pictures

Nothing says brand spanking new school year more than the early morning backpack shot with a front door background.  Will you get a smiley face? A goofy face? A snarly face? You just never know!! Fun fact: I also get the term “snarly face” from my mom. 2 for 1!


2. Dinosaur – Yes-of course-a-saur!

This is a local classic.  When in the neighborhood of the dinosaurs (best known for their cameo in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure) – you must stop, drop and document. And you better believe if we pass any extra large balls of twine or Gatorland theme parks the same principle will apply.


3. Road trippin’

Why fly when you can drive?  (Convenience, speed, name a few) When it comes to family fun the best way to get where you are going is crammed in a station wagon SUV with snacks, the radio and an open (once you get out of the Los Angeles metro area) road.


4. Dogs, Dogs, & more Dogs

There are dog people and there are strange not dog people.  We fall in the former category and much like my childhood, my kids will live a life full of wet noses, warm licks and food missing off any plate they don’t watch intently.


5. Personal Paparazzi Service

This should come as no shock to anyone who has ever checked out my Instagram but I am a bit of a momagrapher. Yes, I even  hashtag “momarazzi.” While some may think I am a product of an oversharing generation (partially true) – I am also a product of my upbringing. Even in the age of “real” film and photo development fees, there was always a camera nearby poised and ready to capture that one (or one millionth) special moment.


While so many things are different 25 to 30 years on – a few things are clearly exactly the same (I say while wearing my leggings and flannel shirt..what are the odds that we can bring fanny packs back? Yes, please!)