While the mister played single dad here at home, I enjoyed my mini vacation remembering what it was like to be a girl traveling through life without a purse full of fruit snacks and diapers.

I imagine I looked a little something like this….


All jokes aside, it was a fantastic day full of fun, some sightseeing, some light drinking, a couple Banksy sightings and a story about 4 drunk Irishmen getting kicked out of a bar that has very good limerick potential.



Delays, flight, more delays and another flight. I’m not the biggest fan of air travel (horrible side effect of having controlling tendencies mixed with a fear of falling topped off with a very active imagination) but having a grown man seated next to me giggling his way through Finding Dory certainly helped keep the flight light spirited.  But the best part of taking a trip was certainly the return to these little mugs! A+ to the mister for the sign AND the matching outfits.  #proudmamabear



The break was nice while it lasted but today was back to the grind. Away went my “traveling pants” (see what I did there?) and out came me chauffeur hat, nurse’s bag and chef’s apron.  I was pretty pooped trying to reacclimate into my life sans leisure so I fell back to one of my easier go to dinner options: Veggie Quesadillas.  My go to veggies are red onions, zucchini, yellow squash and red, orange or yellow peppers.  SO delicious. Add in my favorite salsa and I’ve got my #deathrow meal right here.



By this point in the week I was already officially ready for my next vacation. The highlight of my day was my 4 year old crying about the letter, “e.” Clearly I wasn’t the only one who needed a nap.



Sweet beautiful Fall. The weather gods decided to give us eternal summer Southern Californians a sneak peak at Fall weather.  There is something so satisfying about pants and beanie weather. And to celebrate the overcast morning I also decided to go full fall hair mode.  You can check out my latest hair and my hair evolution right here.



Today was all about the annual preschool field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  We’ll skip over the part where our tour started an hour late and how I had to drag one of my children out of the patch crying in full meltdown dramatics the entire way because he didn’t want to leave (deep breath) aaaaaand focus on how excited these two little pumpkins were to pick up their own sweet squashes.



Today was clinic day for the Destroyer.  After dropping off Mr. C at preschool we braved 6 different freeways 3 county lines and some surprising fog to make it to his regularly scheduled Cystic Fibrosis clinic appointment.  For those new to our story, Brogan has a CF related disorder diagnosis of CRMS (CFTR-Related Metabolic Syndrome).  To keep it short and neat let’s just say that because of some questionable genetics Brogan is followed by a CF clinic team while we wait and see if any clinical manifestations of CF are going to rear their heads. Two hours, one utter and complete meltdown over measurements, one sweet child life specialist armed with toys and crayons, one nurse, two pulmonologists, one respiratory therapist, one throat culture, one GI doctor and an entire lunchpail full of snacks later and we were back on the road home.  His reward for a good clinic day?   ARBY’S.  My child has been obsessed with the “we have the meats” commercial for the last few weeks.  What better excuse to introduce him to curly fries than a discharge paper with instructions to feed him “high calorie foods?” Check and Check!


Happy Fri-yay Friends! Hope your weeks were as exciting and your weekends as relaxing. x0x0x0