Today is a monumental day for me – today I left for my first trip away from my kids EVER. 4+ years in to this parenthood gig and I’ve never been more than an hour or so drive away from my children. The cord is officially cut, y’all! This is new and weird and liberating and EASY.  Holy shipnit- is traveling sans children a breeze or what?

Over the last 4 years I’ve only flown 3 times (not including today). All 3 of those trips included an infant and/or a toddler.  

Preparing for travel with kids is a lot like preparing for Zombie Apocalypse  – simply put, you must plan for all scenarios. 

Leading up to a trip I would be frantically writing lists of things to bring and googling new toys to try to distract two busy boys on fights and in airports. By the end of the packing process it would look as though we were considering to permanently relocate.  Strollers, car seats, pack and play, multiple suitcases full of clothes for every weather condition, sippy cups, toys…

And that’s not to mention the praying to the airline gods that my kids not be THOSE kids and the reasoning to myself that even if they are, at least in never seeing anyone in the flights ever again… #sorrynotsorry. 

Traveling without kids is one of those luxuries that I didn’t know I had until it was gone. Last night I started the process of writing my pre-trial packing list.  I quickly realized that it was a much easier endeavor when I wasn’t also trying to anticipate the needs of my miniature posse. Jeans. Underwear.  Toothbrush.  Boom. (Ok and maybe more pairs of shoes than days I’m going to be gone). 

(Tangent warning: You know what else I forgot about? Escalaters! For the past 4 years I’ve been going the extra mile (literally) in search of elevators to haul my children in their strollers.  Let’s give it up for the unsung hero of sweet time saving efficiency.👏) 

Traveling with kids is one long exercise in trying to not pissed off everyone around you. The only challenge I’ve faced traveling alone today has been trying to not eat all of the “share sized” bag of Starburst I bought before getting on my first flight.  

So here’s to a little adult traveling to see an adult friend and do adult things.

(And yes – I already miss my little monsters.)