Adirondack chairs TAKE 2!! Tony, being the smart man that he is, spent his after work hours over the last week cutting the pieces for chair numero dos.  Me, being the procrastinator that I am, waited until Saturday to stain them all. Procrastination aside, we got the second chair stained and assembled Saturday and even have this great shot by Mr. Connor to prove it.

4 year old photographer at his finest. At least he got my good side!


With the chairs in order the next piece of business was bottling some brew.  I like to pretend I have more to do with this than I do but for the record, I am an excellent sugar water pourer.

“B” is for “Big Beautiful Blonde”

As a quality assurance rep I also have the tedious and very demanding job of taste testing all of the beer that the Mister produces.  The beer that “we” bottled 2 weeks ago was also ready for it’s first taste test. October fest! Party of one!

Check out those cozy House Shoes!


Hung around the house most of the day. Had a surprise visit from the Gas Company (Well, Hello stranger walking through my backyard – who the hell are you?!”) and caught this rapscallion testing out the wall anchors we used for big brother’s dresser.  – Sidenote: I always thought it was “ratscallion.” Who knew!?!



Yadda yadda yadda – lots of toddler stylings of the Imperial March etc. Aka – normal life in my house.


Another sleepy day around the ol’ house.  Today’s big feat was taking two kids to DSW and leaving with 2 pairs of boots for little old moi and no tears from either offspring or me.  Hurray!


Airports, Flights and My Big Fat Wedding 2. That’s what my Thursday consisted of.


Sightseeing in a new state with an old friend.  Today I spent my first entire day sans children (well, if you don’t count the 2 rounds of FaceTime) since I became a mama.

Lots of laughs.  Lots of wine.  Lots of selfies.

Enjoy your weekends and keep your fingers crossed that my little angels keep their wings on for their daddy! And of course, Happy Friday!!