This weekend was all about chairs. Adirondack chairs to be precise. Add in some pizza, beer, Pandora and impulse buying spray paint and you have our entire Saturday in a Nutshell.



More of the same and 2 terribly behaved children who’s biggest redeeming quality seemed to be that they photograph well.  But most importantly, Chair. The weekend was well documented here and here.




Either the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree or I’m just inadvertently passing on the art of procrastination to my eldest.  Connor started pre-K last month and with the move into the Pre-K classroom came the assignment of homework.  In the big fat late as hell footsteps of his mother, here is my child finishing up his weekend homework Monday morning.  Only 13 more years of this plus College and Grad School to look forward to!

Coincidentally there appears to be a monkey on his back. 


Beauty is pain and sometimes I make my child wear long sleeves during Summer part 2 simply because the raddest Halloween shirt I could find only comes in true fall fashion. Suck it up Brogan. You look good, kid.


You can pick up that amazing shirt or other non seasonal faves like their famous Regulators tee at Saturday Morning Pancakes.


I’m beyond the correct age group for for the ol’ Netflix and Chill but I am just the exact right age for Park and Chili.  It was still blistering hot but the sky made it look like it was cooler out and so I jumped on that illusion of fall and tried my hand at this healthy and hearty white chicken chili recipe. Two thumbs up from me, the hubs and the 4 year old.  Mr. Terrible prefers all meals in noodle or stick form so he doesn’t get a vote.



Story Time at the library  during the day and a jaunt through our local street market in the evening. Typical Thursday around these parts complete with cake pops for the shockingly well behaved little monsters of mine.

1 Chocolate Cake Pop for C and 1 Blue Velvet Cake Pop for me B.


A mixed bag of a day. In the win column, this halloween themed preschooler/toddler  pinterest activity  which kept my little one occupado for a solid 15-20 minutes (that’s like 3 hours in toddler time) and the Amanda Knox Documentary which dropped on Netflix today and did not disappoint (Team: I never want to be witness to a crime in Italy, right here!)


In the lose column, a capped sprinkler turned cracked capped sprinkler which quickly made our backyard into a waterpark/mud run course and a non napping preschooler jazzed on froyo who made me be THAT mom. You know the one – repeats their child’s name about 327 times complete with “mom glare” and the under breath threats of infinite time outs if they don’t pull it together.  Just picture me as Principal Vernon and Connor as John Bender.

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 9.53.44 PM.png

And now I feel like watching Breakfast Club.  Maybe this time I’ll have a little more compassion for ol’ Dick.

Sayonara September! It was real.  See you all in October. xoxo!