As avid dog people, we had big plans for our first son to be a canine lover.  But as most prechild daydreams go, our expectations were amiss and Mr. C had absolutely no interest in being an animal person, full stop. Having packed up our Lassie dreams and Benji wishes, we were surprised to see that Mr. Terrible 2s himself had an affinity for “puppuhs” right out the gate.  To say that he LOVES dogs would be the understatement of the century. He loves puppies with his whole heart and being.  He loves them the way Kanye Loves Kanye (is that still a hip comparison?)

Case in Point –

Little pups:

One of these 2 is having a kiss. The other is having some leftover breakfast.

Big pups:

Brogan: “I’ll never let go!” Dog: “Please let go.”

Pups while he sleeps

Just try and sneak a non Puppy onto his bed. Don’t believe me? Check out the cabbage patch kid’s fate.

And while he strolls

Just walking my dog. Totally typical activity.

Even at Starbucks

That Venti Iced Coffee is puppy’s not mine.

And my child – the weirdo and amazing creature he is, has proven that his love transcends all – He even loves puppies in Skelton Form – as was recently made aware to me on a trip through a Halloween  display. No skin? No Problem says B!

I posted a longer version of this video on my social networking sites and the verdict was clear – this child needed a skeleton dog. I would fail him as a mother if I didn’t deliver. But the price tag on this bad boy was one I just couldn’t wrap my brain around so the boy would have to wait.

A second trip to the same store weeks later showed that my kid was not one to forget the lesser loved breeds (AKA, Dead Dogs) but even with a sale price this time, let’s just say that despite the desire to make my toddler’s wildest (and freakiest) dreams come true –  “that dog  just wouldn’t hunt.” (or breathe…)

Hello, Old Friend! 

And then yesterday, on what has recently seemed to be our weekly jaunt to Target, well damned if they didn’t have more recently priced canine skeletons for sale.  And what kind of mother would I be if I passed by this opportunity? (Logical, cost conscious, firm, reasonable – Shut up rational side and buy the kid the overpriced pvc pup!!)

ALL dogs like car rides, Right?
$20 bucks says this dog gets dragged into Starbucks within the next week.

And if that didn’t warm your heart, check out my child BRUSHING his dog skeleton today.  I’ve either got a future vet or the next Norman Bates on my hands here.  I’m crossing my fingers for Vet!