Dear World,

I’m out to get you today. Words I think Tony had given up on me ever saying are about to hit this keyboard.






Not only do I have a fully functioning dishwasher draining cycle now, I also had time while we waited for the plumber to arrive this morning to take Mr. Destroyer on a nice walk about the block before the temp made it’s move into the 90’s.

Fall only happens between the hours of 8pm and 8am in Southern California. Please try again later.


I guess I should say I took him on a HALF a walk around the block.  Our walks generally become carries as soon as we are too far away from the house to actually turn back.  On the bright side, my arms have never been more buff.

Must trudge on. The Destroyer and Puppy are counting on me.


With the plumber gone, the Destroyer tucked in for a nap and the rush of productivity still strong, I managed to knock off another pinterest activity from my “boys” board while chowing down on some leftovers from last nights pinspired dinner.


You can find my inspiration for the toddler beads: here  The general gist is take old toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls, cut into desired sizes, paint and provide to your toddler/preschooler with something they can thread it on (we’ll be using pipe cleaners).  Hours Minutes of fun!

(Confession: I figured this would be a good “activity” for me to do while catching up on last week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder.  Any and all daytime TV watching is canceled out by any simultaneous productivity.)

Motivation aside, the activity was a hit with both the 2 and 4 year old crowd. Virtual high fives, everyone!  Bring on Tuesday!

Bead Holder: Yet another use for empty wipe containers.