I can’t even begin to think of a better way to start this post than,


Glorious, Magnificent, Pinterest Worthy Glory!

Now that the first gloat is out of my system, let’s back this plot line up.


Tony spent the day doing chair assembling while I hung around inside entertaining the rough crowd of hooligans that take up residence here.  This morning started with a 4 year old running circles around the room, 100% naked as a Jay Bird  while yelling, “I’ve gone crazy. I don’t know what is happening to me!”  Not the most auspicious sign of things to come…

By lunch time Tony was dealing with this:


While I was dealing with this:

Nothing to see here, Folks. Literally. Since I’m a broken lamp. Can’t see anything at all.


This one was ALL Mr. Terrible Twos.  The Destroyer rarely makes his way through a room without leaving his mark. Connor, while an aspiring nudist,  was not a destructive toddler so I suppose Brogan was sent to us to knock us down a few pegs. You’ll never see me judging a house full of gnawed on tables and crayon marked walls again. I get it now. I REALLY get it.  And for the record, we are quite certain that he keeps his crazy in his curls.

The big one seems to be planning something.


Yadda yadda yadda, sanding, screwing (tee hee), putty and stain –  The mister rocked his assembly today and we now have one fully assembled, level as can be, comfortable as sin and plain ol’ handsome beast of an Adirondack chair.

Toddler tested.
Children for Sale Scale

I still need to apply the sealer and we have one more chair to go to make our pair. But right now we are feeling pretty darn content with our weekend’s work.

And the day was Happy.


(The inspiration post for the chair with instructions can be found here)