Another day. Another early wake up. Sleeping in is for the birds and for people without small children.  With the weather getting a bit more bearable around these parts we have been racking up the list of projects we want to tackle.  While much of the country is getting ready to put away their patio sets for the season we are looking forward to days cool enough to use them. Today’s mission: Adirondack Chairs.

With snacks galore and fingers crossed we set off for one of out favorite family outings of late – Home Depot.

3 seconds before the “no cheese” face hit.

I would like to say that my children are darlings in public and that these kinds of trips are a breeze but I also am not in the habit of lying so let’s just settle on the fact that we entered the store with 2 children and we left with 2 children and that much like Vegas, everything that happened in Home Depot stays in Home Depot.


While the man of the house worked on the cuts, the lady of the house (Yes, thats me. Stop snickering.) tried her hand at staining. And the blogger of this blog just tried her hand at third person. #whoop

I have never stained anything before but I was pleasantly surprised with how everything turned out.  Early in our planning phase (aka this morning on the way to the store) we had considered going with paint instead of stain but Tony wanted a boring neutral color and I wanted a fun brighter color and the standoff somehow ended in opting for a nice simple and natural looking stain instead. There aren’t any losers if there aren’t any winners, right?

True Confession: We told Brogan as we were standing in front of the display that he could pick the stain color. He then proceeded to pick the most appalling reddish color that they had. We immediately reneged our offer and distracted him with fruit snacks and Youtube while I picked out the color instead. Parenting as it’s finest.


After getting home and getting unloaded we dove right in. Most of the cuts were simple and Tony was able to knock them out pretty quickly. As he was cutting I took over the staining department. I used a paint brush to apply the stain and tore up an old sheet to use for rags to wipe it dry.  The process was a bit tedious but my Counting Crows station on Pandora helped keep me entertained while Jake and the Neverland Pirates tagged in as a babysitter for the gruesome twosome.




As it stands we are anticipating that we will only be able to complete one of the chairs this weekend but I’m celebrating a good first day anyhow.  With no real deadline for this project we are keeping it casual.

Well…hello there you beautiful beer.  You from around here? Oh you are!



I’m hoping I have a gorg new chair to share tomorrow. And if not, I’ll settle for a solid pinterest fail.  Either way we have both been feeling pretty happy with our first family dive into woodworking (I’m claiming partial credit for the woodworking through the California law of community property of marriage. That’s how that works, right?)

More on the chair tomorrow and more on the beer right now.