A couple years back the hubs joined the home brew train and the hobby has stuck. This past Sunday was spent brewing one and bottling his latest concoctions.   It also happened to be our 6th wedding anniversary.  There’s a joke about marriage and drinking in there somewhere….




Seemed like the little Mister here had some allergen type issues pop up from his lovefest with the Goats at the LA County Fair. Spent the day at home working to clear his cough.  A total and utterly uneventful day filled with nebulizers and Beat Bugs on Netflix.  In case anyone with small children is looking for a kid’s show that doesn’t leave you singing  lyrical gold like “Never say never oh never to a Neverland pirate” to yourself all day long I completely recommend it. These bugs sing – yes. But they sing all Beatles songs.  Kid win. Parent win.




With the little Mister still hacking we decided to skip his normal My Gym class and hole up at home some more. Best part of the day was knocking off another new recipe I found on Pinterest. This may not seem like much to many of you but until about 2 years ago I didn’t cook.  I spent most of my adult life before I met Tony living off of sandwiches and Easy Mac.  Then I met him and on our first date he mentioned he cooked and I pretty much locked it down right there. “Oh, you cook? Let’s talk wedding dates!”  So this, this right here – It’s like a mega punch in my adult card.


You can find the easy peasy recipe right here Baked Honey Garlic Chicken.



Stitch Fix day!! After I had a few friends mention that they loved this clothes subscription service I bit the bullet and signed up (Dear, friends: Tony hates you. Kidding! But he strongly side eyed you.) This was my third box. My stylist knows that I spend most of my time wrangling munchkins so she always send me playground friendly clothes. This box was a homerun and added bonus, I don’t have to chase my toddler in circles around clothing racks in order to get new clothes.


You can check out Stitch Fix right here.  Just don’t tell your husband who you got the info from.


The official first day of fall or what we call “Summer Part II” here in Southern California. And despite the fact that the Santa Anas are bringing us all kinds of nice thick heat back to the region and that we are still fulling in the swing of flip flop weather, we decided to go #basic and celebrate the first day of Autumn by getting our first round of pumpkins.


This was also the day that I realized that living with toddlers/preschoolers is a lot like living in the movie Poltergeist. Every time you leave the room for 5 seconds you come back to it looking like this:

They’re Heeeeeeere!! Except all the shoes that were in this rack. They are way over theeeeere!!


Earlier this week I had to admit that I’m at the age where I simply cannot handle being barefoot on hardwood all day.  Not long ago I implemented the “no shoes” in the house rule for the family.  And the result has been that I realized my dogs just ain’t what they used to be. Foot pain radiating to back pain radiating to me being a pain in the ass to Tony because I was cranky by the time he got home each night. I had to do something.  I found myself sitting in front of the computer typing “house shoes” into the Amazon search box earlier this week while simultaneously flashing back to my childhood and my 80 year old Grandmother’s bedside slippers.   Thankfully there are many foot ware options for indoor use and I was relieved to see that. Instead of house shoes like these…

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 1.37.13 PM.png

I am getting these. I guess I can take the support hose out of my Amazon cart.  screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-1-38-36-pm

I am currently anxiously awaiting the arrival of these bad boys and since they are out for delivery and I have a sleeping child I am stalking the door.  Rule of Parenthood #127 is that all deliveries WILL come during nap time.  I’m ready to intercept at the door and ready to feel the sweet sweet relief of arch support.

Happy first weekend of Fall & Happy Fri-yay!