There was a time when people tried to keep up with the “Joneses” – But in 2016, the real game is doing a non failing Pinterest Project and then sharing it on all your social media accounts.  Check-mate mutherfudgers. Ok ok. Let’s be real. We only got the frame done for our raised garden bed. And by “we” I mean, my husband.  But I pinned the page that had the break down of materials AND accompanied him to Home Depot so #teamwork.




Sent this little stud muffin off to Pre-K for his preschool picture day. We did a little prep session before heading to school that morning.  While his growl is a favorite of mine, my sneak peak at the official photos revealed that my sweet boy does have a gentle smile face – he just saves it for the photographer instead of his momographer.




4 years in to this parenting gig and I still am experiencing lots of firsts…Like this gem: The first time I ever had to go hunting for an employee at Target to confess that my 2 year old liberated an entire bottle of liquid handsoap down through our cart and onto the main aisle.  I lost track at how many times I apologized but kudos to these Target Women for being so nice to me and my pint sized destroyer.



The day was not a total loss though.  I also dressed my dog up like a Mermaid – so that was pretty ok.




2008 pre kid me:  Beverly Hills Chihuahua? Who the hell watches this crap?

2016 post kid me: Here, let’s put on Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 while you sit on your potty.

We had our official first successful number uno in the potty. And rather than share a picture of that how about this one of my two playing with stamps.  Not pictured: The whining every 5 minutes from one kid about “what else can I do” and the stamp throwing done by the other kid which eventually got this activity shut down.  Bonus points for anyone visiting my house that can find the wookie stamp on my hardwood.



Toddler time at the library and street market night.  And with only one goal in mind for the entire day (procuring apples requested by Mr. C’s teacher for preschool lesson on -and I’m making an educated guess here but -apples), and another low expectation day ended with a success.



Another successful numbero uno by the only family member who can impress with that statistic, a failed mission to Home Goods (yes, yes- that’s my child screaming) and a whole lot of thinking about doing some cleaning – but on the other hand, don’t his little hand prints look sort of ghostly? Agreed! Keepin’ em up through Halloween!  Happy Fri-yay y’all!