I decided to take to the interwebz this morning to find a at home diy moisturizer option for my hair/scalp. After perusing the net for awhile I settled on making a banana/avocado paste. Your supposed to make the paste, apply to hair and roots, let sit for 20 minutes and rinse. Easy Peasy, Right? Spoiler Alert: Wrong. So very wrong. After washing my hair out I look in the mirror and realize that I have little pellets of banana left all throughout my hair. Added bonus: thanks to the teal hair dye in my hair, the pellets have taken on both the appearance and the texture of little green booger balls. I basically have a head covered in boogers. (yes, the 5 year old in my is squealing every time I say “booger.”) I also have less than an hour until I am supposed to be meeting a friend and her kids at our local library story time.

I look at the clock. Look at my hair. Look at the clock. Look at my hair. Don’t panic, Erin. Just give it another rinse. NOPE.

Ok. Well brush it out and try rinsing it again with your head upside down. Gravity is your friend. NOPE.

Ok, stay calm Erin. Get the kids’ baby comb and run it through your hair a few times to remove the banana pieces. NOPE.

No matter how much of the banana matter I was managing to remove from my hair, it didn’t seem to make a difference in the overall banana-ness. With less than 15 minute left until I had to walk out the door and 2 little boys who still needed to get dressed and brush their teeth I admitted defeated and went to the only option I could think of that might help me mask the mess that is my hair: Mom Bun. Then with the help of a hand mirror and my phone camera did my best to pick out any visible banana pellets – then pray that any banana bits that made their way out be blamed on the cheeky looking 2 year old you tag along with. Better yet – throw a banana in your purse so if anyone mentions anything you can point at it, then B, shrug and say, “darn kids!” As I type this, I still have a bun full of banana.

This was the worst idea ever.