Two years ago, right at this moment, I was in a birthing suite at the local Community Hospital. I was the mother of a toddler waiting anxiously to meet a yet to be named baby boy. I hadn’t held you in my arms yet. I hadn’t kissed your face. I didn’t know you’d have brown eyes or blond curls. That you would light up the world with your smile and stop my heart with your climbing antics. You were still such a mystery. And then 2 years ago today, at 9:37 pm, you entered the world. I no longer wondered what you would like or if my heart could love you as much as I loved your brother. Instead I only wondered how I could have lived my life for 31 years without you in it.

You were the last to join our little family but the first to make us whole. You are the Yin to your brother’s Yang. You have a smile that literally stops people in their tracks complete with a dimple that I’m sure will keep you winning hearts left and right You like being in on the joke. You like when we laugh because of you. You love puppies and buckles and minions (oh my!). You suck your thumb when you are tired and you pull on our ears to soothe yourself (and irritate your daddy!). You love to dance and sing and have the cutest pout face I’ve ever seen. You climb on anything. You jump off everything. You are curious and mischievous and independent and brave.

Two years ago right this moment I hadn’t met you. I can’t believe I had no idea what I was missing.

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet B. I’m so beyond lucky that I get to be your mama.